Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

What’s the only thing better than pulling an epic prank? Watching it on your computer, where you don’t have to keep a straight face. So, feel free to laugh, snort and guffaw while watching Rahat the Magician Prankster pull a few fast ones on drive-through workers.

Rahat explains how he created a low-budget car-seat costume out of cardboard. The costume matches the car’s interior and makes it appear as if nobody’s driving. Then the fun begins. He orders something from the drive-through, pulls forward and records the reactions of the befuddled workers. You might think it gets old. It doesn’t.

Typical reactions to seeing the “ghost car” include: “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God” and “What the heck is going on?” Other awesome responses: “Am I tripping, son?” and “Oh, snap. What just happened?” One McDonald’s employee refuses to accept the idea of a car without a driver. The worker stares at the “empty” car, turns around, gives himself a second, and then looks again.

DeMotivational Posters aka DeMotivators

Demotivational Posters (a.k.a Demotivators) are typically designed to discourage one’s moral strength and diminish one’s self-esteem. It usually consists of a picture, centered and bordered in black, with an all-cap title written in white, and in some cases, a tagline written in smaller font.

In its infancy, Demotivators mirrored popular themes often addressed within motivational posters, by juxtaposing:

1. banal optimism (ex: PERSISTENCE)
2. atmospheric picture (ex: man & woman jogging in a single row)
3. comical pessimism (ex: It’s Over Man. Let Her Go)

But as they became increasingly popular across the web, the joke was no longer bound within corporate/educational themes and became a signature meme involving “crude but funny” comments. Today, the white-on-black format of demotivators is a staple in Internet memescape and it’s fairly common to find demotivational posters sans cynicism.

The originals were typical Motivational Posters with sarcastic comments:
Although a whole genre of Demotivational Posters has been created by showing an instance of FAIL:


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