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Ukraine’s Nikita Drop Insane New Video

It's here and it's insane. I've been waiting for this out of control video for NikitA's "Искусаю" (translates to "bitten" or "bite") for weeks and it does not disappoint. For starters, the ladies eat, suck and fellatiate all kinds of foods at a dinner table. Yes, I said fellatiate lobster. There's also steak licking, live goldfish eating and my favorite part is when one of the girls eats American money ($100 bills, naturally). Is there a better symbol for where the world is at right now than hot Ukrainian women literally eating U.S. dollars at an orgiastic dinner inside a modern mansion? I think not! For anyone who doesn't know, NikitA are already well known in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe for their outrageous videos. This new clip lives up to their reputation and then some. Epic, odd and way beyond what Lady Gaga even dreams of (a bit NSFW).