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TOP 10 MOST AMAZING GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2012 In the contemporary times, the world has seen a number of amazing Guinness world records. Each year we get to witness various attempts and tries from the side of those few enthusiastic and daring individuals who prefer to do something knew outside the lines of their limits and the conventional norms. The year 2012 is also proving to be quite typical in terms of these world records. Some of the people are of the view that these records are only attempted by those who want to appear superior to others, but that is entirely not the case. This interpretation is quite narrow, as setting a world record is something more than just superiority for most of the people who attempt them. Here are the top 10 most amazing Guinness world records 2012. Hope you would like them. 10. Longest Surfing Record Surfing is something which is craved and desired by many people. Till now various attempts had been made in this regard, but the record was finally set up by Gary Saavedra surfing continuously for 3 hours and 55 minute record. 9. Largest Underwater Wedding Many couples have tried to set this record from time to time. But the thing which makes this guinness world record so amazing is the fact that it was attended by a large number of people, thus making it the largest underwater wedding in the history of all humanity. 8. The world’s Largest Drum The record had been set in Korea. The diameter of the drum is 6.4 meters which makes it indeed the biggest ever drum. 7. The Largest Raft in the World The record was set in New York in the year 2011 by making use of 1925 canoes and several kayaks. All them were arranged and put together in a way that the spectacle generated was indeed astonishing. 6. Oldest Twins Ever imaged to live for more than 100 years? The record for being the longest living twins has been set by two sisters who are both nearly 101 years old. Furthermore, both of them stated that the reason for which they lived to be 101 years old is because of their love and affection for each other. 5. Largest Number of Dishes Now here we have China in the lead for setting the record for the largest number of dishes at one place. The record was set by making use of 8146 dishes belonging to Chinese and other origins. A large crown had also gathered for witnessing this wonderful site which is really something you don’t get to see every day. 4. The Largest Shirt in the World Similar attempts have been made like making the world’s largest jeans, largest scarf, but this one happens to be much more interesting. It was set by a group of people who worked tirelessly for many days for making an 85.74 meters long t shirt which is indeed the biggest t shirt ever. 3. The Longest Chain of Aluminum Cans The record was set some enthusiastic men who gathered 66343 aluminum cans and arranged them alongside a very long road. Now it is clear that the guys who made this record had been planning it for many a years. 2. Most Number of Stunts Yes, the record has been set by none other than the action icon, Jackie Chan. During the course of this hundreds of stunts there have been times in which he had almost died. This record is really nothing as compared to what he has done for the world cinema. 1. The Best Goal Scorer Ever Ever heard about the king of soccer, Lionel Messi? I am sure you have. Well, here I have something new for you. Messi has set a new record after scoring his 86th goal in the year 2012, breaking the record previously held by Gerd Mueller. Mueller seems to be now full of praise and respect for Messi.