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Dave’s #EpicStrut TV Ad | MoneySuperMarket

Meet Dave, he saved money on his car insurance with MoneySuperMarket and now he feels EPIC! Dave feels so epic in fact, that he can’t help but show it as he struts his stuff on the way to work. His infectious dance oozes confidence as passers buy are unable to ignore Dave getting down, with one particularly impressed onlooker judging him to be “so MoneySuperMarket!” Don't Cha wish you had Dave's #EpicStrut? There’s nothing quite like the satisfying feeling of making huge savings on auto insurance. One might even be compelled to celebrate by flamboyantly strutting down the street, alarming onlookers. That’s the premise of a new ad from U.K. price comparison service MoneySuperMarket. Made by agency Mother London, the spot shows Dave, a typical everyday guy stepping out of his car and, due to his joy at the large savings he has just made on his auto insurance, begin to strut his stuff. We recommend you watch the ad before progressing any further here. He attracts the attention of passers-by and as the camera pans down we see why. Beneath his sober business jacket and tie he is sporting body-enhancing hot pants and killer heels (the creatives behind the spot tell us that what you see is all the actor's assets, not CG). Set to the Pussycat Dolls track, "Don’t Cha" he progresses down a Los Angeles street doing some remarkable twerking and is later joined by dancers. As he passes a hotel entrance he is spotted by Sharon Osbourne who remarks: "Dave darling, you are so MoneySuperMarket." The TV spot, which broke in the U.K. at the weekend, is the latest in a series that uses the "You’re so MoneySuperMarket" strapline. This execution is being supported on social media using the hashtag #epicstrut with additional activity planned across PR and CRM channels. Creative direction is by Kyle Harman-Turner and Martin Rose and the film is directed by Fredrik Bond from production company Sonny London.