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Krokodil (crocodil) The drug that eats junkies (Extremely Graphic)

It is desomorphine, a synthetic opiate many times more powerful than heroin that is created from a complex chain of mixing and chemical reactions, which the addicts perform from memory several times a day. While heroin costs from £20 to £60 per dose, desomorphine can be "cooked" from codeine-based headache pills that cost £2 per pack, and other household ingredients available cheaply from the markets. It is a drug for the poor, and its effects are horrific. It was given its reptilian name because its poisonous ingredients quickly turn the skin scaly. Worse follows. krokodil Russian drug "Crocodile" has reached epidemic levels. Almost one million people within the population use the drug. And it is very difficult to impossible to recover from this addiction - not enough time. A man addicted to the drug can die within 2-3 years of 'therapy'. This drug affects the entire boyd, but in the place where it was given, the skin takes on greenish hue, and becomes covered with scales like the crocodile; then the skin starts to peel off and dies. That is why the drug is called "Crocodile". In the end most individuals succumb to gangrene and amputation. "Pavlov said that her turning point was 2008, in her brother's kitchen. For almost two weeks she did nothing else, and the entire time only used the" crocodile ". Getting high lasts about half an hour, but it takes an hour to make the drug. So, I viriausi badžiausi and did the drug almost 24 hours a day,"- said the girl. Finally, the wound began to turn gangrene, and blood poisoning began. She went to a hospital and there she was invited to apply to the rehabilitation center. Pavlov agreed. That she would be away from the temptations offered to treat her in a remote area Čičeve. True, the distance was a specific barrier - In 2009, she managed to escape from the rehabilitation center, hail a car pakeleivingą to Moscow and from there by train to go home to Vorkuta to again be able to get a "crocodile". Now she hopes that she will be able to overcome the addiction. "I can not go back to that. When it began, it was great. But what happened later ... it was hell, "- she says. If Pavlov will be able to overcome this terrible addiction, it is very rare exception in the fight against a terrible new epidemic raging in Russia, which have already been meetings and to prepare the country's president, Dmitry Medvedev. " Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cfd_1322520299#lw6jcEmuSoTSCbMb.99